Welcome to me, myself and I!
My name is Romie, aka NoxiChars, and I'm a german Livestreamer, partnered on Twitch.
I play games since my childhood - from C64 and Gameboy to todays gameplay in several Battle Royale, Shooter and Storygames on PC.
Communication with the community is the most important top of my stream besides the gameplay. I stream since 08/2016 and I am partnered with Twitch since 04/2018 - what was one of my goals while streaming.
I am founder of the network and community ThinkPurple. I love chocolate and coffee - but wesps, bees and anything similar bring me to run away. Far away.


  • Just Chatting
  • Creative
  • Shooter / Battle Royale
  • Horror
  • Indie
  • Adventure
  • Simulation
  • Survival
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  • CCXP 2019
  • Gamescom 2019
  • MagCon 2019
  • Film & Comic Con 2019
  • EGX 2019
  • Dreamhack 2020